Norways oldest lighthouse

Lindesnes Lighthouse is a coastal lighthouse at the southernmost tip of Norway. The lighthouse was built in 1656 and is today an open museum all year round. Lindesnes Lighthouse is one of the most visited tourist attraction of Southern Norway. The lighthouse has a visit centre inside the nearby mountain with exhibitions, a cinema hall, cafe and a museum shop. A visit at Lindesnes is a meeting with the ocean, and the seawater is to find in products sold at the lighthouse like soaps and scnapps. It is also a key ingredient in the their lighthouse bread – made of seawater and seaweed. Lindesnes Lighthouse is surrounded by beautiful nature, and you will find many nice hiking paths close to the lighthouse. 

Farsund city

Farsund is an idyllic southern small town with white wooden houses, cozy streets and beautiful nature.

The American Lista

Welcome to "The American Lista! Lista has long traditions of emigration to the United States.

Biking in Farsund

A great way to experience Lista is by bike. Here you will find many nice biking trails.


Beutiful beahces, an old lighthouse, cultural herritage, lovely nature etc. Lista has a lot to offer!

Rail biking

One of the most popular activities in our district is rail biking at the old railway "Flekkefjordbanen".

Action in Farsund

If you want some fun and excitement then we recommand a trip to Lista Adrenalinepark.

Lindesnes Lighthouse

Lindesnes Lighthouse is one of the most visited tourist attraction of Southern Norway.

Kvåsfossen Salmon Center

Watch salmon up close! In Kvås you find Norways largest salmon ladder inside a tunnel.

Other activities

Bowling, fishing, hiking etc. Our districts has a lot of fun activities and experiences.