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Farsund has many great attractions. We can mention Lista Lighthouse, Norberg Fort, birdlife at Lista and not least our wonderful town with small white painted buildings. 

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City by the sea! Shipping history - Settlement - Culture etc.


Learn windsurfing at Lista! With ideal equipment and excellent conditions Lista is perfect for windsurfing.


Cultural Heritage

Lista is known for its numerous prehistoric sites, and one of the most famous locations are Pennefeltet.


Cultural herritage - Everything American - Great beaches - Lista Lighthouse etc.

Nordberg Fort

The camp is one of the few German coastal fort that has been preserved in its original form, and is currently listed as a national heritage.

"Everything American"

Do you have a small part of America in your heart, good memories from there or simply want to experience something fun and different

Other Activities and Attractions

Gocart - Bowling - Trips - Tennis etc.